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Suicide Prevention: Recognizing Warning Signs and Knowing How to Help

Allison Jimenez, MS - Director of Programs, Zero Suicide Initiative, Hanley Foundation

The Power of Positive Parenting: Tools for Managing Children's Behavior

Anna Svetchnikov, LMFT – CEO, Longwood Care

Creative Interventions with Music and Imagery

Chelsea Johnson, MS, MT-BC, LMT – TEACUP Preemie Program Coordinator, The Children’s Healing Institute


Using Inclusive Language to Create Equitable Spaces

Danniella Jones, Psy.D. – Psychologist, Palm Beach County Youth Services Department


Utilizing Trauma Informed Strategies for Managing Disruptive Behaviors


Emily Deming, PhD. - Postdoctoral Fellow, Palm Beach County Youth Services Department 

Utilizing Nature’s “Toys” with Children and Families in Play Therapy

Janet Courtney, LCSW, PhD, RPT-S - Founder, Developmental Play & Attachment Therapies

Perinatal Mental Health is Everyone’s Issue: The Importance of Screening

Jennifer Silliman - Advocate/Filmmaker and Mentor Program Coordinator, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies of Palm Beach County, and Jan Bogie, LMHC, IMH-E – Clinical Director, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies of Palm Beach County


Normal Sexual Expression in Children and Adolescents

Lawrence Siegel, MA, CSE – Director of Education and Training, Sage Institute for Family Development

Understanding Grief and Childhood Bereavement

Lei Lavinsky-Sun, MS Ed. - Program & Training Coordinator, Children’s Bereavement Center

The Myths of Highly Conflicted Parents

Mark Roseman, Ph.D. - CEO, The Toby Center for Family Transitions

Gender-Based Violence: Challenging Media’s Message

Markos Fleury, BA – Violence Prevention Educator, Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse and Melanie Afanador - Outreach Services Director, Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse

It’s OK to Ask for Help: Connecting Students to School-Based Mental Health

Michael Kane, Ph.D. – Manager, Behavioral and Mental Health, School District of Palm Beach County


The Cynosure Effect: Identifying Indicators of Danger

Steve Webb, Ph.D. – founder, Safe School Systems


Forensic Interviewing with a Side of Challenge

Tracy Piendle, BSW – Forensic Interviewer / Senior Case Coordinator, Child Protection Team of Palm Beach


CRASE, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events

John Ledford - Investigator, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

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