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On October 16, 2006, Tina Meier’s life took a devastating turn when she found her 13 year old daughter Megan hanging from her bedroom closet. All attempts were made to save Megan, but unfortunately Megan passed away on October 17, 2006, just weeks from her 14th birthday.

Approximately 5 weeks prior to her passing, a 16 year old boy by the name of Josh Evans contacted Megan through her MySpace account and they began a friendship.  Tina allowed Megan to have a MySpace account with many restrictions and under her watchful eye.  Unfortunately, on that fateful day of October 16, 2006, Josh Evans and Megan began to have an argument over MySpace.  A few others joined in and the horrible world of cyber-bullying began with messages and bulletins going out to hundreds of kids saying “Megan Meier is a Slut,” “Megan Meier is a fat ass” and the messages went on from there.  Needless to say, Megan was hysterically sobbing and beyond hurt which led to her suicide. Six weeks after Megan’s suicide, Tina Meier was informed that Josh Evans never existed.  In fact, it was Lori Drew, an adult neighbor who lived down the street, her 13-year-old daughter who was Megan’s former friend, and an 18-year-old employee who worked out of Lori Drew’s home.

In December of 2007, Tina Meier founded the non-profit Megan Meier Foundation.  The foundation’s mission is to “Bring Awareness, Education and Promote Positive Change to Children, Parents and Educators in response to the ongoing bullying and cyber-bullying in our children’s daily environment.”   Tina’s hope is to make a difference through spreading Megan’s story along with Internet safety and help one child at a time until bullying and cyber-bullying are non-existent.

Tina Meier

Tina Meier
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