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8:00 am - Registration / Continental Breakfast / Exhibitor & Vendor Area opens

8:30 am - Welcome

9:00 am - Workshop Session A

10:30 am - Networking / Exhibitor Tables

11:00 am - Workshop Session B

12:45 pm - Keynote Luncheon

2:30 pm - Workshop Session C


Work Hard, Self-Care Harder

Amber Snedden, MA - Doctoral Intern, Palm Beach County Youth Services Department

Consistent self-care improves mental and physical health while enhancing one’s quality of life. Self-care is a challenge for those who feel overstressed or burnt out. This workshop addresses the importance of self-care, tips for practicing at work, suggestions, and barriers. At the end, attendees will create their own self-care plan


Going Beyond "You Good?": Talking with Teens about Mental Health

Brittany Grimshaw Houghtlin  - Doctoral Intern, Palm Beach County Youth Services Department

In this training, participants will learn how to recognize warning signs that a teen may be struggling with mental health, engage in supportive conversation regarding these difficulties, and know how to seek further support when needed.


The Learner Mindset: The Truth About School Safety

Dr. Steve Webb -  Founder, Safe School Systems

Join the National Safe School Leadership Award Winner and best-selling Author of Education in a Violent World, Dr. Steve Webb, as he highlights valuable lessons learned and how his "Learner Mindset" empowers you to better understand indicators of danger and sets the formula for saving lives in the 21st Century.


A Trauma-Informed Approach... It Starts with YOU!

Laura Clary  MSN, RN, FNE-A/P, SANE-A, SANE-P – Domestic Violence & Child Protection Program Director, SAFE

Scott Kilpatrick – Detective, Crimes Against Children Unit/Human Trafficking, Baltimore County Police Department

This workshop presented by a Forensic Nurse and Detective will provide information regarding the importance of the neurobiology of trauma and its relationship to a multidisciplinary approach to child abuse. Utilizing a victim-centered, trauma-informed, collaborative approach is considered best practice, as it produces better outcomes and decreases potential re-victimization.

Impact on victims of Jeffrey Epstein: A timeline of their suffering

Randee Koga, LMHC, CSA, CDV -  Owner, Kogan Counseling Services

The session will be a panel with a few of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein, providing the audience the opportunity to ask questions and hear about the impact Epstein had on their lives, since the day they met.

Normal Expressions of Sexuality in Children
Lawrence Siegel, PhD - Clinical Sexologist and Supervisor, Sage Institute for Family Development
This session will present an overview of sexuality and sexual conditioning, as well as a developmental perspective on healthy sexual expression. The session will focus on typical developmental childhood sexual expression and present ways to differentiate between normative and potentially problematic sexual behavior in children.


Working with Youth using Therapeutic Martial Arts
Eric Reznik, Psy.D. -  Clinical/Forensic Psychologist, BeWell Rehabilitation and Counseling Group, Inc.
The Therapeutic Martial Arts program introduction course familiarizes participants with an innovative program, that combines Eastern and Western philosophies and several evidence-based clinical approaches. Participants are introduced to research and application of Therapeutic Martial Arts. Additionally, stress management techniques, anger control, improvement of self-esteem, and goal attainment will be discussed.


The 24/7 Woman: Navigating Mental Wellness in the Busyness of Life
 Jennifer Estrada, LMHC – Psychotherapist/Owner, Counseling Works
This talk will discuss women’s mental health ranging from mental illness to mental wellness. It will discuss mental illnesses that are more prevalent in women, generationally how women have had their mental health treated. It will discuss treatment options, effective coping skills and other influential factors in women’s mental health.  


CRASE, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events
John Ledford - Investigator, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
CRASE is the most comprehensive program taught today that helps everyone know and understand how to survive an active attacker/shooter event, including their active role in survival.


Immigration is at the Door: Humanitarian Visa Options for Victims
Gina Fraga, Esq. - Immigration Attorney, Acosta & Fraga Law, PLLC
This workshop will go over the basics of humanitarian immigration options for victims of crime, abuse, trafficking and children as victims such as the T visa, U Visa, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, Violence Against Women Act and asylum.

Zero Suicide Initiative Implementation in Behavioral Health Agencies
Lindsay Slattery-Cerny - Program Coordinator, Hanley Foundation

This presentation delves into the critical need and implementation strategy for the Zero Suicide Initiative within our community and major behavioral health organizations. Key components of Zero Suicide are outlined, emphasizing an approach that includes workforce training, screening, risk assessment, treatment engagement, and continuous improvement.

Attachment Theory: It Is All About Relationships
Sarah Barr M.A. – Doctoral Intern, Palm Beach County Youth Services Department
Early caregiving has a long-lasting impact on a child’s development, the ability to learn, the capacity to regulate emotions, and the ability to form satisfying relationships. This training will cover the impact that early attachment has throughout the lifespan and how our early experiences shape our cognitions, behaviors, and relationships.


Fostering Youth Mental Wellness through Music and Art Therapy

Bree Gordon MT-BC, - Executive Director, Creative Arts Therapies of the Palm Beaches

Alicia Ballestas, MA. ATR-BC – Clinical Art Therapist, Creative Arts Therapies of the Palm Beaches

Music and Art Therapy are effective modalities in helping children who have experienced trauma and adversity express themselves and connect with others.  Trauma-informed creative arts therapists, Bree and Alicia, will provide education on music and art therapy and trauma-informed care as well as lead participants through interactive and creative interventions.

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