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8:00 am - Registration / Continental Breakfast / Exhibitor & Vendor Area opens

8:30 - 8:45 am - Welcome

9:00 - 10:30 am - Workshop Session A

10:45 - 12:15 pm - Workshop Session B

12:15 - 12:45 pm - Networking / Exhibitor Tables

12:45 - 2:15 pm - Keynote Luncheon

2:15 - 2:45 pm - Networking / Exhibitor Tables 

2:45 - 4:15 pm - Workshop Session C


Suicide Prevention: Recognizing Warning Signs and Knowing How to Help with Allison Jimenez, MS - Director of Programs, Zero Suicide Initiative, Hanley Foundation

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people ages 15-24. This workshop will provide insight and information including risk factors, warning signs, how to speak to someone who may be experiencing a crisis, and how to get the person help. Workshop attendees will leave with the potential to provide lifesaving help.

The Power of Positive Parenting: Tools for Managing Children's Behavior with Anna Svetchnikov, LMFT – CEO, Longwood Care

This presentation will provide practical strategies for parents to manage their children's behavior while remaining cool and collected. Participants will learn how parents can stay calm in stressful situations, set appropriate boundaries, and use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior.

Creative Interventions with Music and Imagery with Chelsea Johnson, MS, MT-BC, LMT – TEACUP Preemie Program Coordinator, The Children’s Healing Institute

This workshop will explore the use of music and imagery as creative interventions. Participants will review various methods of music and imagery work and delve into clinical applications of music and imagery to foster emotional regulation, expression, and release.


Using Inclusive Language to Create Equitable Spaces with Danniella Jones, Psy.D. – Psychologist, Palm Beach County Youth Services Department

While the words we use may seem harmless, the way we speak to and about each other influences how we treat each other. This presentation will aim to explain the relationship between societal norms, bias, and language as well as provide strategies that promote inclusivity through language.

Utilizing Trauma Informed Strategies for Managing Disruptive Behaviors with Emily Deming, PhD. - Postdoctoral Fellow, Palm Beach County Youth Services Department 

Most children, especially children who have experienced trauma, are referred to mental health providers due to disruptive behavior problems. Utilizing positive behavior management strategies can help to reduce stress while improving parent-child relationships. Attendees will learn to increase positive behaviors and manage problem behaviors using Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) skills.


Utilizing Nature’s “Toys” with Children and Families in Play Therapy with Janet Courtney, LCSW, PhD, RPT-S - Founder, Developmental Play & Attachment Therapies

Applying the therapeutic powers of play, this experiential workshop will explore several ways that nature’s elements such as clay, stones, flowers, and feathers can be utilized to address traumatic histories and enhance inner resilience within indoor and outdoor settings.


Perinatal Mental Health is Everyone’s Issue: The Importance of Screening with Jennifer Silliman - Advocate/Filmmaker and Mentor Program Coordinator, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies of Palm Beach County, and Jan Bogie, LMHC, IMH-E – Clinical Director, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies of Palm Beach County

This interactive workshop covers mental health disorders that can occur in pregnancy and postpartum and the importance of empathetic communication between care workers and clients.  Protective factors, risk factors, treatment options (including our Circle of Moms support groups), and other resources will also be covered!


Normal Sexual Expression in Children and Adolescents with Lawrence Siegel, MA, CSE – Director of Education and Training, Sage Institute for Family Development

This session will present an overview of sexuality and sexual conditioning, as well as a developmental perspective on healthy sexual expression. The session will focus on typical developmental childhood sexual expression and present ways to differentiate between normative and potentially problematic sexual behavior in children.


Understanding Grief and Childhood Bereavement with Lei Lavinsky-Sun, MS Ed. - Program & Training Coordinator, Children’s Bereavement Center

This session will explore the impacts of grief on children and families and will help clarify misinformation commonly observed in this population regarding the grieving process. Participants will learn to explore grief language that can help them feel comfortable in supporting those that are grieving.


The Myths of Highly Conflicted Parents with Mark Roseman, Ph.D. - CEO, The Toby Center for Family Transitions

Parents engaged in child custody litigation are on an impactful mission, either choosing shared parenting or seeking to prevent the 'other' parent from further engaging with the children. Parents who block access frequently express fear and allege abuse.  This presentation will offer an understanding of the family systems of today and how they are impacted by family court issues; examine the role of court-ordered service providers; and provide professionals across disciplines with additional and new means of engaging parents


Gender-Based Violence: Challenging Media’s Message with Markos Fleury, BA – Violence Prevention Educator, Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse and Melanie Afanador - Outreach Services Director, Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse

Media literacy is accessing, analyzing, evaluating, and creating media. The cultural norms that reinforce harmful behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes are reinforced through media. If we can understand the messages of media, and how they create a culture where violence is accepted in relationships, we can then begin to commit to change.


It’s OK to Ask for Help: Connecting Students to School-Based Mental Health with Michael Kane, Ph.D. – Manager, Behavioral and Mental Health, School District of Palm Beach County

The well-being of children and adolescents is important. With 1 in 6 youth experiencing a mental disorder each year and increasing rates of mental health concerns; school-based mental health care is a vital part of student support systems. This session will explore key messages in school-based mental health support.


The Cynosure Effect: Identifying Indicators of Danger with Steve Webb, Ph.D. – founder, Safe School Systems

Join 2021 National Safe School Leadership Award Winner and best-selling author of the book Education in a Violent World, Dr. Steve Webb as he describes current issues with social media's effects on our children and establishing a "Learner Mindset" to battle complacency and better protect our loved ones.


Forensic Interviewing with a Side of Challenge with Tracy Piendle, BSW – Forensic Interviewer / Senior Case Coordinator, Child Protection Team of Palm Beach

During this session, we will discuss considerations for choosing appropriate time frames, and interview settings, taking a look at personal biases, trauma-informed approach, and taking into consideration victim sensitivity. Preparation for the interview, accommodations, and methods for gathering this information. Review of the phased approach using best practices.


CRASE, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events with John Ledford - Investigator, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Law enforcement agencies are frequently requested by businesses, and community members for direction and presentations on what they should do if confronted with an Active attacker or Shooter event. This presentation will provide you with the most recent format on how to respond to active threat situations.


Healing from Childhood Complex Trauma  

Dr. Danniella Jones - Psychologist, Youth Services Department - Education and Training Center


Normal Expressions of Sexuality in Children

Dr. Lawrence Siegel - Clinical Sexologist & Supervisor, Sage Institute for Family Development

Sextortion...It's 11pm... Do you know what your child is doing online?

T. Smith, MSW - Victim Specialist, Department of Justice


Behavior Related to Chronic Illness in Children and Adolescents

Alan Tager - Clinical Liaison, Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents

Becoming a More Effective Therapist by Enhancing Family Therapy Skills

Andres Torrens, LCSW, CCTP - Clinical Director, Families First of Palm Beach County; Adjunct Professor, Barry University School of Social Work

Child Sexual Abuse in the Latino/Hispanic community

Claudia Herrera, LMFT, CFLE - Director of Clinical Services, Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County

Implicit Bias/Racial Micro-aggressions and Impact on Child Welfare

Danniella Jones, Psy.D. - Post-Doctoral Fellow, Palm Beach County Youth Services Highridge Family Center

Moms, Marijuana... and What We Know

David Duresky M.A. – Trainer/Coach

Empowering Families in their Healing from Suicide, Loss, and Trauma

Doreen Cammarata  MS, LMHC – Adjunct Instructor, Hofstra University

Music Therapy and Communication for Children of Various Abilities

Erica Lyles, MT-BC – Owner/Director, Whole Vibes, LLC


Pregnancy and Mothering with a Mood Disorder: How Children are Impacted

Jennifer Estrada  LMHC – Licensed Psychotherapist

Homelessness in the Community

Jennifer Raymond LMHC, NCC - Executive Director, Family Promise of South Palm Beach County

Sandra Symonds, LCSW – Program Manager, Family Promise of South Palm Beach County

Bridging the Gap: Understand and connect with your student or Child

Joanna de Peña, M.Ed. – Founder & CEO, Top Notch Scholars

​​Evidenced-Based Practices in Treating Disruptive Behaviors 

Laura Cruz, Ph.D. - Psychologist, Palm Beach County Youth Services Department


Stepfamilies: A Greater Understanding for Professionals Working with Blended Families


Loren Berry, Psy.D. – Psychologist, Palm Beach County Youth Services Department

What's Media Got To Do With It?

Matthew Tyler - Violence Prevention Educator, Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse

Markos Fleury – Violence Prevention Educator, Aide to Victims of Domestic Abuse

Sexual Abuse: You are No Longer My Dirty Little Secret

Randee A. Kogan, M.S., LMHC - Kogan Counseling Services, LLC

Monica E. Gonzalez, LMHC – Sexual Assault Licensed Therapist, Palm Beach County Victim Services

Preventative Measures: Having Conversations That Count

Terri Ferguson, M.S.W., LCSW

Youth in the 21st Century

Liza Piekarsky, LMHC, CAP - Regional Director of Marketing, Retreat Behavioral; Licensed Therapist, Caring Therapists of Broward

Normal Expressions of Sexuality in Children

Lawrence Siegel, MA, CSE, AASECT - Director of Education and Training, Sage Institute for Family Development

​Immigration 101

Shane O’Meara, Esq – Staff Attorney & Supervisor Immigrant Advocacy Project, Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County

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