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Sasha Joseph Neulinger

Sasha Joseph Neulinger

Hockey player, back-country adventurer, husband, speaker, filmmaker, and survivor of multi-generational child sexual abuse.

Sasha Joseph Neulinger is the Founder and President of Voice For The Kids, and Co-Founder and Head of Production at Step 1 Films. He directed REWIND, an autobiographical documentary following his journey to confront, unpack and understand the multi-generational child sexual abuse that haunted him and his family. REWIND was nominated for a Critics Choice Award for Best First Feature Documentary, and received 3 Emmy Nominations, including Outstanding Social Issue Documentary, Outstanding Direction, and Outstanding Editing.


Sasha's journey has brought him from sexual abuse victim, to survivor, to someone who is thriving and living his best life. Now he travels the world, sharing his story and providing a voice for children that deserve and require access to justice and healing.

“I got to observe my childhood with a certain level of objectivity. It was the first time that I could cognitively accept that I was beautiful and lovable. In watching myself grow up, I got to re-experience and reclaim some of the most beautiful moments of my life… moments that I had completely forgotten about because they had been overshadowed by the painful ones.”

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